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Square Enix on What to Expect on the Switch in the Future

News: Square Enix on What to Expect on the Switch in the Future

What's coming next?

from Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

Square Enix on What to Expect on the Switch in the Future

News: Square Enix on What to Expect on the Switch in the Future

What's coming next?

from Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

The Jackbox Party Quadpack Is Now Available For Xbox One

Content: The Jackbox Party Quadpack
Check price and availability in your Xbox LIVE region

Game Description: They said it couldn’t be done, but somehow we crammed all the party-pleasing games from The Jackbox Party Packs 1, 2, 3, and 4 into one essential collection! That’s 20 hysterical party games for one great price! From The Jackbox Party Pack: YOU DON’T KNOW JACK 2015 Fibbage Drawful Lie Swatter Word Spud From The Jackbox Party Pack 2: Quiplash XL Fibbage 2 Earwax Bidiots Bomb Corp. From The Jackbox Party Pack 3: Trivia Murder Party Guesspionage Tee K.O. Fakin’ It Quiplash 2 From The Jackbox Party Pack 4: Fibbage 3 (with new game mode Fibbage: Enough About You) Survive the Internet Monster Seeking Monster Bracketeering Civic Doodle.

Buy now and save 25% – Limited Time Offer.

Purchase The Jackbox Party Quadpack for Xbox One from the Xbox Games Store

Product Info:
Developer: Jackbox Games
Publisher: Jackbox Games
Website: The Jackbox Party Games
Twitter: @jackboxgames

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Sky Force Reloaded Is Now Available For Digital Pre-order And Pre-download On Xbox One

Content: Sky Force Reloaded 
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Game Description: You may pre-download this game, but it will not be playable until release date (11/30/2017 – 9:00 PM).

Sky Force Reloaded is the spirit of the classic arcade shoot ‘em ups, captured with modern visuals and design. New entry in the series will keep you entertained with all the things you’ve came to love in scrolling shooters. Meaty explosions, incinerating lasers, colossal bosses and diverse aircrafts to pilot. Sky Force Reloaded is not your average scrolling shooter. It will draw you in with its beautiful environments and intense effects. It will keep you with its superb gameplay mechanics, progression system and in-game collectibles. It will leave you wishing for more, once it’s over. Fortunately, there’s a lot to do before that happens.

Xbox One Pre-Order FAQ

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This Week’s Deals With Gold And Spotlight Sale

Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 27 November 2017.

These deals will expire at 11:00 am UTC on Tuesday November 28th 2017


Xbox One Deals

Content Title Content Type Discount Notes
Middle-earth: Shadow of War* Xbox Play Anywhere 40% DWG
Middle-earth: Shadow of War Silver Edition* Xbox Play Anywhere 40% DWG
Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gold Edition* Xbox One Game 30% DWG
Injustice 2* Xbox One Game 60% DWG
Injustice 2 – Deluxe Edition* Xbox One Game 50% DWG
Injustice 2 – Ultimate Edition* Xbox One Game 50% DWG
Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden* Xbox One Game 30% DWG
Beyond Eyes* Xbox One Game 75% DWG
DreamBreak* Xbox One Game 50% DWG
Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing* Xbox One Game 50% DWG
Into the Belly of the Beast* Xbox One Game 30% DWG
Mantis Burn Racing* Xbox One Game 50% DWG
NBA Playgrounds* Xbox One Game 50% DWG
Paladins Founder’s Pack* Add-On 33% DWG
Ruiner* Xbox Play Anywhere 33% DWG
SMITE Ultimate God Pack Bundle* Add-On 50% DWG
Sublevel Zero Redux* Xbox One Game 50% DWG
DC Universe Online 1-Month Membership Add-On 25% Spotlight
DC Universe Online 3-Month Membership Add-On 25% Spotlight
DC Universe Online 12-Month Membership Add-On 33% Spotlight
Unit 4: Couch Attack Bundle Xbox One Game 15% Spotlight
Rocket League – Aftershock Add-On 50% Spotlight
Rocket League – Esper Add-On 50% Spotlight
Rocket League – Marauder Add-On 50% Spotlight
Rocket League – Masamune Add-On 50% Spotlight
Rocket League – Proteus Add-On 50% Spotlight
Rocket League – Triton Add-On 50% Spotlight
Rocket League – Vulcan Add-On 50% Spotlight
ARK: Scorched Earth Add-On 35% Spotlight
ARK: Survival Evolved Season Pass Add-On 25% Spotlight
ARK: Survival Evolved Explorer’s Edition Add-On 30% Spotlight
Dex Xbox One Game 67% Spotlight

*These offers are only valid for Xbox Live Gold members.
Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region.


Xbox 360 Deals

Content Title Content Type Discount Notes
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2* Games On Demand 90% DWG
God Mode* Games On Demand 80% DWG
Red Faction Armageddon* Games On Demand 85% DWG
Blood Knights* Arcade 75% DWG
Painkiller Hell & Damnation* Games On Demand 90% DWG
Rock of Ages* Games On Demand 80% DWG

*These offers are only valid for Xbox Live Gold members.
Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region.

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PlayStation Store Black Friday discounts start today for PS Plus members

The PS Store Black Friday event begins this Thursday 23rd November but, if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you can start making some serious savings today with two-day early access to the Black Friday deals**!

Below you’ll find an incredible range of titles across PS4, PlayStation VR, PS3 and PS Vita. Whether it’s a full game or add-on, you’ll find a deal for you.

If you’re a fan of GT Sport, FIFA 18, The Witcher 3, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and many more, you can save up to 60% off some big names*.

If you aren’t already a PlayStation Plus member but want to get early access to the Black Friday offers, as well as taking advantage of the membership benefits, we are discounting the 12 month subscription by 25% for all players on PlayStation Store until 28th November***.

Make haste – discounts end on 27th November. See the full list of PlayStation Store Black Friday titles below.



And if that wasn’t enough, if you’re looking for some mega offers on PlayStation hardware, head to the Black Friday page on throughout this week to check out where your nearest deals are!

*Please note, some titles may not be available in your region

**Offer exclusive to PS Plus members from 00:00 (GMT) Nov 21st to 23:59 (GMT) Nov 22nd before then being available to all customers from 00:00 (GMT) Nov 23rd to 23:59 (GMT) Nov 27th

***This promotion opens on 20 November 2017 at 10:00 (GMT) and closes on 28 November 2017 at 10:00 (GMT). Participants must be 7 years or older and users under 18 require parental consent, except that users in Germany must be 18 years or older. See full terms and conditions.

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Kobolds & Catacombs Reveals and Reviews, and Other 'Hearthstone' News & Videos in 'Touchstone' #117

Welcome to another Touchstone Tavern, our weekly Hearthstone [Free] roundup of the best news and videos. As you would expect, this past week was dominated by the upcoming expansion, Kobolds & Catacombs. We got to read about upcoming card reveals and see some more new cards, read the stories of Marin the Fox and King Togwaggle (the "smartest" Kobold ever), and much more. At the same time, questions about the game's cost surfaced once more, which isn't surprising given how many players are trying to find the best way to grab those new cards. There's a lot more news to read and some really interesting videos to watch, and I hope you enjoy it all.



9 New Kobolds & Catacombs Cards Revealed

Rogue is getting secrets in the new expansion; isn't that great? Earlier today, we got to see 9 more cards from the next expansion, and most of them are quite promising. We got to see a Legendary weapon, a Spellstone, and a few minions and spells. Head on here to look at the new cards in detail and check out the Videos section for some early reviews.


Hearthstone Sets the Stage for Kobolds and Catacombs With Tales of the Fox

With the expansion drawing nearer, Blizzard has started giving us more lore to get us into the mood. As part of that, we got a story where Marin the Fox goes underground to recover a legendary axe (Woodcleaver) and other enticing treasures. This short tale is another great example of how Blizzard expands on the lore aspect of recent expansions and nicely fleshes it out. Head here for more on Tales of the Fox.


Meet King Togwaggle

King Togwaggle is the biggest Kobold of them all, and this story goes into depth about that silly character as well as the Dungeon Run part of the new expansion. The article contains an exclusive video as well that focuses on the big, bad King. This video is the first of a series called Into the Catacombs, and it's definitely a fun watch. Read the story and watch the video here.

Questions About Carnivorous Cube

Carnivorous Cube, the upcoming minion that destroys friendly minions, is an interesting design, and this article looks at the possibilities created by this card. The article looks at which cards will be the best "lunch" for Carnivorous Cube and how it might be best utilized once it joins the game. There's a lot of buzz around this card, and I'm curious to see how it will be used once the expansion comes out. Read the whole story here.


No More Death Knights in the Arena

After plenty of deliberation, the developers decided to remove the Death Knights from the Arena, to the relief of many Arena players who felt that these powerful cards hurt the balance of the mode. Since there's no way for the developers to ensure that every player has access to these cards, they decided to just remove them so matches can be fairer. I'm pretty sure no one is complaining about this move. Head on here to read more about Death Knights leaving the Arena for good.


$1800 Later, This Hearthstone Collection Is Still Incomplete

Players have been increasingly bringing up the issue of the game's increasing cost, and this article focuses on precisely that. The writer talks about putting a bit more than $1800 dollars into the game and still having an incomplete collection. The writer goes into detail about the way he came up with that amount and then talks about the game's rising cost. An interesting and topical article that you can read here.


Tips to Cope With the Game's Cost

If you've been struggling to get a good collection going without having to pay a fortune, you might want to read this story. The writer tries to help players get the most out of the game at the lowest cost, so it's definitely worth a read. I'm sure some of the advice will end up being useful to most of you. If you have any other advice, share it in the comments below.


Kobolds & Catacombs' Reveal Schedule

Blizzard has revealed the schedule for the first week of card reveals, so get ready for plenty of early card reviews. We're going to see a total of 24 cards over this week, so make sure to keep up with all of them. Head over here for details on days and times so you don't miss any of the card reveals.

Weapons in Kobolds & Catacombs

This article raises a good question: with few counter play, is Hearthstone taking weapons too far? Weapons are very flexible and very dangerous, so the writer wonders what the developers will do to ensure there are sufficient counters for Legendary weapons. The article takes a detailed look at the counters that exist right now and draws conclusions from the recent Fiery War Axe as well. An interesting article about a very interesting moment in the game's development.




Early Look at the 9 New Cards

Kobolds Card Review Part 3

5 Cards We Need in the New Expansion

The Best User-Created Cards

WTF Moments

Marin and the Mayor

Decks I Wish Worked 

Worst RNG Moments

1HP Comeback






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Tiny Metal director accused of funding game with money from another Kickstarter

The accusation comes from game maker Tariq Lacy, who took recently to the social media accounts for unreleased game Project Phoenix to post a claim that Tiny Metal was being made with Phoenix money. ...

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'Drones vs. Zombies' is a Cool Looking Defense Game Launching this Week

I have to admit that whenever I see a [Something] vs. [Something] naming convention for a game, it's hard for me to get excited. That whole thing has been done to death, you know? But I also believe in having an open mind towards all games and not strictly juding something based on its title, and so that should indicate to you that the forthcoming Drones vs. Zombies must be pretty cool looking if I'm here talking about it. And it does look cool! It's a simple defense game where you're trying to prevent zombies from invading your city by using various types of drones to fly around and zap, burn, bomb, and otherwise eradicate the approaching zombie menace. Check it out.

As you can see in the trailer, you aren't just limited to the 3 types of drones in the game to ward off the zombies, but you have some other interesting options at your disposal as well. My personal favorite is the decoy bomb which once deployed attracts a ton of zombies over and then after they've all gathered around explodes right in their rotting faces. There's also an electric fence surrounding your base that you can throw the switch on to barbecue the undead attackers. Overall Drones vs. Zombies seems much cooler than I was expecting based on its name, and it should be arriving this week so it won't be long before we can all take it for a spin.

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EA devs dial down microtransaction pressure in latest Need for Speed

What makes this update especially interesting is that it comes amidst a flurry of updates aimed at similarly easing players' progression through Battlefront II, which EA also released this month. ...

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Deckbuilding Game 'VEmpire' Brings Vampiric Hapsburgs to Mobile November 27

VEmpire, a card game about Vampiric Hapsburgs, sounds like great fun to a history geek like me, and I'm guessing it sounds like an intriguing proposition to most of you as well, provided you like collectible card games. VEmpire has been in development for quite some time (we've written about the game a few times), but it's finally reaching the end of its journey on November 27th, when it will creep onto the App Store. The game is already out on Steam to mostly positive reviews, with most players praising the game's art and music and lack of any micro-transactions, a feature I'm sure many will be happy about. And, of course, most players really like the fantastic theme of Vampiric Hapsburgs.

VEmpire has four classes, each representing one of the four Hapsburg periods, with all cards based on real historical characters, famous ancient buildings, and memorable battles. The game has over 100 cards with really cool art and a gameplay that's simple enough to make it accessible but with enough depth to make it fun. If you like games like Ascension or Star Realms, keep an eye out for Vempire: The Kings of Darkness, releasing November 27th. In the meantime, check out our forum thread if you want to help beta test the game.

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More 'Minecraft' Minecon Announcements - 'Adventure Time' Episode Coming, New Server, and Mixer Integration

Minecraft's [$6.99] MineCon Earth has come and gone, and—as we wrote on Saturday—it has brought along some pretty big announcements, chief among them the Update Aquatic announcement. While most of the big announcements are in the Saturday article, a few more have surfaced since then, so we wanted to make sure you're all caught up. Specifically, we are also getting another official server, The Hive. The Hive will launch later this year and will bring a new mini game to Minecraft called Death Run. In Death Run, players will take on an obstacle course with traps and challenging parkour. CubeCraft, a Java-based server, will also be making its way to iOS along with a new adventure map called Island Games.

If you're a fan of Adventure Time, we have good news for you as well. You probably remember the Adventure Time Mashup Pack that was added to the Marketplace earlier this year and let players dress up as those much-loved characters. Minecraft is going even further and is bringing a whole Adventure Time episode made in the Minecraft fashion in 2018. The episode will use the art of Minecraft and blend the two worlds in what should be an entertaining episode.

Finally, Minecraft will get Mixer broadcasting features on both iOS and Android on November 21st. In Mixer, any command can be turned into an interactive button, which should make for fun broadcasts. That's all for now, but expect more announcements in the near future since Minecraft seems to be on a roll now.

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Video: How BioWare connected players' stories via the Dragon Age Keep

At GDC 2015 BioWare's Leah Shinkewski shows how the company aggregated players' data from multiple Dragon Age games across multiple platforms and present it via the Dragon Age Keep. ...

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Get a job: Remedy Entertainment is hiring a Sr. AI Programmer

Remedy is looking for a Sr. AI Programmer to work alongside its highly passionate team members to bring NPCs alive by extending its new game AI technology. ...

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