Tuesday, 6 March 2018

A Trio of iPhone X Updates: 'Deep Loot', 'Machinarium', and 'Swim Out'

We're now several months removed from the launch of the iPhone X, and while a great many deal of iOS games have been updated to support the full screen of the device there's still some updates that are trickling out with iPhone X support. It's hard to justify writing about each and every one when they hit anymore, but once a few of them start to pile up I figure it's worth noting for anybody who is curious. Also it's a chance to give a shoutout to some quality games that you might not have heard of before. So without further ado here's the latest three games to receive iPhone X support recently that have caught my attention.

Deep Loot

Deep Loot, Free - Deep Loot has been one of my favorite mobile games for some years now, but seeing as it hadn't had an update in over two years, I thought it might never be updated to modern standards. To my delight I was proven wrong when a new update hit last week adding iPhone X screen support, a special new boat to celebrate the (belated) third anniversary of the game, and some general fixes. Deep Loot is a very lite roguelike diving game that's all about collecting loot. We awarded it Game of the Week when it released, loved it in our original review, and wrote about its massive 2.0 update in early 2015.


Machinarium, $4.99 - The boutique developer Amanita Design has put out some of the most beautiful games on any platforms including mobile for quite a number of years now. Machinarium is a point-and-click puzzle adventure featuring very unique characters and settings, as well as a number of tricky puzzles. One of the coolest parts about its design is that there's almost no text in the game, and everything is spelled out via little animated thought bubbles. We absolutely loved Machinarium when it launched on iOS way back in 2011, and it still is just as wonderful today as it was back then. Best of all is now you can enjoy its gorgeous visuals on the full screen of the iPhone X, and I'm hoping that Amanita's other two iOS releases (and their upcoming one) will get the same treatment soon.

Swim Out

Swim Out, $2.99 - While the other two games listed here are pretty old by mobile standards, Swim Out is relatively new having just launched in August of last year. That hasn't stopped it from becoming one of our favorite strategic turn-based puzzlers though, and not only did we love Swim Out in our original review but we also included it in our Best 100 Games of 2017 list. It also got a pretty nifty update just a few weeks after its release. Being that Swim Out uses this awesome, almost 1950s style aesthetic, I was pretty darn happy to see it receive support for the full screen of the iPhone X last week. If your part of the world is cold and blustery right now, and you find yourself dreaming of soaking in some sun poolside, then the more than 100 levels of brain-busting puzzles in Swim Out will be a nice little vacation for you and it looks especially great now for you iPhone X owners.

from TouchArcade http://ift.tt/2oSJYuk