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Video: Square Enix Discusses The Response To Project Octopath Traveler

Video: Video: Square Enix Discusses The Response To Project Octopath Traveler

Still no name, though

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Video: How artists embraced change in BioShock Infinite

In this GDC 2014 session, artist Gavin Goulden discusses the development of Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite and BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea in the context of an asset pipeline. ...

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Controversial MMO Alganon shuts down servers

Quest Online's controversial MMO Alganon has been offline since November of 2017, and is currently inaccessible from the Steam store page.  ...

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'Magic Golf' is a Mini-Golf-Style Game with a Full Level Editor, Coming Thursday and Up for Pre-Order Now

Dialing the clocks back to March of last year and Bike Baron [$1.99 / Free] developer Qwiboo was showing off their latest project to us during GDC 2017. It was a mini-golf style game that at that time was called The Long Trail, and besides bouncing the ball-like bunny around clever hazard-filled courses using a slingshotting mechanic, the big draw was that the game would include a full-featured level editor so players could create and share their own levels, similarly to that in their own Bike Baron. Fast forward 10+ months and one name change to Magic Golf later and the project is finally finished and ready for release this Thursday. Here's a brand new trailer so you can see it in action.

As with many upcoming mobile games lately, Magic Golf is available for pre-order ahead of its release on Thursday. From an iOS 11 device you can click on this link to be taken to the App Store to go through the pre-ordering process. Then when the game is available you'll get a push notification and it'll automatically download to your device like magic. Magic Golf will be free to play with optional IAPs and opt-in video ads for its monetization, and based on Qwiboo's previous work I'm confident it'll be a fair experience. So hit up the above link for some pre-ordering action, or simply wait a couple of days and we'll give you the head's up when the nifty-looking Magic Golf hits the App Store on Thursday.

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Cardboard Computer releases new Kentucky Route Zero playable “intermission” ahead of final episode

Developer Cardboard Computer has released a new Kentucky Route Zero "intermission" mini-episode ahead of the game's long-awaited fifth - and final - instalment.

Kentucky Route Zero is a magical realist road trip adventure focussing on the titular secret highway and its strange surrounding areas. Five episodes (or "Acts", as Cardboard Computer would have it) are planned in total, and the game's final episode is scheduled to release this year, seven years after development began.

Intermission episodes have become a bit of a tradition now for Kentucky Route Zero, and are low-key, often highly experimental, narrative experiences that loosely tie the main episodes together - and offer an excuse to explore other peculiar corners of the game's richly textured world. Previous intermissions - Limits and Demonstrations, The Entertainment, and Here and There Along the Echo - are entirely free to play, if you're curious.

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Microsoft acquires cloud-based gaming service PlayFab

Microsoft announced today its acquisition of PlayFab, a backend cloud-based service that hosts live games designed to be used by developers across all platforms (PC, mobile, and console).  ...

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'Run Gun Sports' is a Track and Field Game Where Your Legs are Guns, Coming this Thursday

Perusing our Upcoming Games Forum, I was instantly sold on a game called Run Gun Sports when it described itself as a track and field game but your legs are guns. I feel like pretty much any game that involves a description that includes "…but your legs are guns" is an instant winner in my book. I mean, Downwell [$2.99] anyone? As for the game itself, it looks just as silly as that premise sounds. You'll compete in some typical track and field events but with the benefit of being able to fire bullets out of your feet. The blast from those bullets can actually help propel you through the air making for some truly superhuman acrobatic feats. Check out the trailer for Run Gun Sports to see what I mean.

Did I mention that your legs are guns? Run Gun Sports will feature several types of events including hurdles, high jump, horizontal bars, and long jump, and more than 90 different levels with even more already planned for future updates. You'll be able to represent the flag of your own country in competitions across the world in cities like Barcelona, Atlanta, and Athens that have affiliations with that one major international sporting competition that happens every 4 years and whose name currently escapes me. You'll also be able to get sponsored by the most well-known sporting brands including "BEEROOK and PURRMA." And of course, Run Gun Sports will include multiple types of guns for your legs including things like a bazooka, shotgun, and flame thrower, each with their own unique effects. Truly this is a special time to be alive so look for Run Gun Sports when it launches later this week.

Link to Forum Discussion: RUN GUN SPORTS - Track & field with gun legs!

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How Anamorphine strives to depict mental health differently

In a Noclip Sessions interview, producer at Artifact 5 Samantha Cook discusses the challenges of depicting mental health in a surreal way for their upcoming title Anamorphine.  ...

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Promising Action Survival Game 'Headshot ZD: Survivors vs Zombie Doomsday' Launching Tomorrow

Back in October of last year, developer NANOO Company announced their latest release following such titles as the popular hack 'n slash Dark Sword [Free] and the idle clicker RPG Final Taptasy [Free]. Called Headshot ZD: Survivors vs Zombie Doomsday (that's a mouthful!) you'll try to survive the zombie apocalypse by blasting them with a variety of weapons and rescuing survivors and collecting resources along the way. This all happens via side-scrolling action somewhat similar to another classic mobile zombie shooter Zombieville USA 2 [$0.99], and Headshot ZD features some of the nicest pixel art I've seen in some time. Check out the official trailer.

After hoping to release Headshot ZD back in October, development ended up taking longer than expected and the date slipped to November, and then December, and then… well, that brings us to this month of January. Thankfully that January projection looks to hold true as NANOO has announced that Headshot ZD will be arriving tomorrow, January 30th. I know that zombie shooters have gotten pretty long in the tooth over the years, but I absolutely love side-scrolling action games such as these and given NANOO's previous releases I'm confident we're in for another quality release here. Until the game arrives sometime in the next day or so, you can read more about it and discuss this one in our forums, otherwise keep an eye out for Headshot ZD in the very immediate future.

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Subnautica Review: A Water Wonderland

Superb twitch platformer Slime-san is getting a second round of free DLC next week on PC

Excellent twitch-based platformer Slime-san is getting a second slab of free DLC on PC next Monday February 5th, developer Fabraz has announced.

The free new DLC, known as Sheeple's Sequel, follows on from last year's Blackbird's Kraken update, and adds 20 normal and 20 new game plus levels, five remixed levels from the main campaign, and two new play-styles: Shadow and Marble mode.

Here's the Sheeple's Sequel feature list, courtesy of Fabraz, in full:

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Get a job: Skydance Interactive is hiring an Art Director

Skydance Interactive is looking for a talented Art Director to oversee the entire art vision, pipeline and production on a project as a member of its team in Marina Del Rey, California. ...

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Sony patents show redesigned motion controller

Multiple patents seem to suggest that Sony hasn't resigned to using eight-year-old tech as PlayStation VR's only motion control option. ...

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'Summoners War' Funko Pop Agreement Affirms Developer's Intent to Expand

When I end up having to make a trip to the local mall, I find that having a few games I can mentally play helps me keep from going nuts waiting for everyone to shop to their heart's content. One of my favorites I play upon entering a comic book type of store is to have a little competition with whoever I happen to be out with to spot the most obscure Funko toy. Usually I end up finding a well known character, but with a movie-scene specific look, or maybe just a character that has a single line of dialogue with Harry Potter. With today's announced Com2us and Funko partnership, I may have more chances for an obscure reference with Summoners War [Free] Funko pops.

Summoners War, if you don't recall, has been making waves securing a berth with some other mobile heavy hitters in Amazon's Mobile Masters Invitational last summer. Being a member of a lineup of games that include Vainglory [Free] and Hearthstone [Free] is a prestigious spot to be in and with this news it seems Com2us is capitalizing on the increased visibility. We can probably say that this is the second big step they've taken since the invitational.Their deal with Skybound, aka The Walking Dead creator, was a big step for them to cross past the boundary between video game and narrative universe. I think in a lot of ways we could see this new deal as an affirmation that this is going to happen and roll out in a big way. Not only will there be pops, but apparel, accessories, emojis, and digital cards are all going to be a part of the agreement.

Surprisingly Com2us is the very first South Korean game company to set up an agreement like this with Funko. Perhaps we may see future things like this with Nexon or NCSoft? I mean, Maple Story is already basically Funko art anyway right?

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'Hearthstone' 10.2 Balance Changes Announced

Blizzard just put up their balance changes for the 10.2 Hearthstone [Free] update. I have to say, I think I love most of these changes. It is fair to say that there is no shortage of player input when it comes to what needs to be changed about Hearthstone. Sifting between emotion, bias, and unusual anecdotes to get to the core of what changes will be best is a job I would not wish upon anyone, but the folks behind Hearthstone really came up with some great adjustments to some rather popular cards this time around.

The cards that seem less impactful from my own personal viewpoint that got changes were Corridor Creeper and Patches the Pirate. Both of these cards really don't fit the current meta game of slower control oriented play. Only around a third of Tempostorm's Meta Snapshot top two tiers are aggro or aggro-adjacent deck types. What I am hopeful for here is increased design space investment for aggro decks and maybe class specific cards that really push some classes towards more aggressive play. So are these changes good? I think Patches will still see play since reducing your deck by 1 card and getting an extra 1/1 out on turn 1 are both good things. The Corridor Creeper needs to be at 3 cost to justify itself, preferably even 2 cost now with the damage reduction. This may end up being too steep an investment and might need to be a 5-6 starting cost to be acceptable.

The main entree here is Bonemare and Raza the Chained. Raza is one of the corner pieces of the Highlander Priest and a main perpetrator in the endless 2 damage at a time combo. Now granted there are other ways to OHK your opponent, but this was a rather easy way of doing it and now it will require a lot more effort to pump out the damage. Bonemare's value is that it makes leaving even a single small minion on the board deadly. Delaying it by a round won't remove it's value but it may end up seeing less play as 7 mana for 9/9 of stats is a lot more attractive than 8 mana for 9/9 of stats. I think this will more Bonemare into a niche control pick rather than just running into it at random in any given value deck.

So what are your thoughts? Are you cancelling future legend runs with these changes? All of these cards still have some value, although I think the Creeper took the biggest hit as far as continued viability.

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Don't Miss: Breaking down the visual design of Shadow of the Colossus

"It is not the graphic engine that left its mark on the players, but the beautiful art direction of the game." Frederic Fourcade shares his observations from the PS2 version of the iconic game. ...

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Sega teams up with Heavy Rain lead designer's new studio to publish "narrative-driven" game

Sega has announced that it will publish the first project from Interior Night, a new studio founded by ex-Quantic Dreams lead designer, Caroline Marchal.

Interior Night was established last October, and the London-based studio will focus on creating "narrative games aimed at a mature TV audience".

Sega says that it won't be discussing Interior Night's first project just yet, but Marchal's role as lead game designer on Quantic Dreams' Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls will likely offer some clues as to the studio's eventual output. Joining Marchal at Interior Night is a team of industry talent drawn from the likes of Quantic Dream, Sony, and Slightly Mad Studios.

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GDC State of the Industry: Under 25% of devs will have a publisher on their next game

Today we highlight another notable finding from this year's survey of nearly 4,000 game industry professionals: the fact that over 75% said they weren't working with a publisher on their next game. ...

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Teddy Diefenbach steps down as Square Enix Montreal creative director

Diefenbach joined up with the Lara Croft Go studio back in 2016 and departs now following the apparent cancelation of his team's project. ...

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'Lord of Dice' Review - A Loaded Gacha Experience

Kakao might not be a game company you are familiar with, but their success overseas has opened doors for them to bring their widely popular gachapon Lord of Dice [Free] to western shores. If you are not instantly familiar with that term gachapon, its basically a reference to free to play games that allow you to collect, level up and evolve your team of fighters to take on ever increasingly strong enemies. These games offer a slow trickle of hero acquisition which can be expedited via the purchase of summoning gems. If you aren't a fan of this type of free to play model, I can save you some time and say that the formula is followed closely enough that you probably won't enjoy this game. For those of you who do, however, there is a lot under the hood that this game offers.

In Lord of Dice you operate a team of characters, to which the game dubs 'Dicers.' Your character and the other dicers are trapped in the Tower of Inifinty and have lost their memories. In order to escape the tower and regain your memories you need to level up, get strong, and ascend the tower. The story is admittedly rather thin, but the game does not really hinge on the story line progresion. The real strong points of Lord of Dice are the combat and the visual asthetic. LoD has a strong chibi-anime visual style that feeds its combat and dicer animations. Moving around in Lord of Dice feels a lot like Mario Party, where you bounce from spot to spot getting into trouble each turn. The nice thing about LoD is that you can plan out where you end up moving to and end up dishing out most of the trouble to your enemy with a little bit of planning.

The biggest attraction for me in Lord of Dice is the gameplay. What looks like a simple RPG card playing interface belies some gravitas that you would not expect from your typical FTP game. On the surface, you play one of your dicers each turn and you have an attack and a movement that are executed associated with that card. Once you finish your attack and move, opponents can attack you if you are in their range. The next turn you take may be impacted by a special effect your previous card had or by buffs or debuffs that you picked up by landing on them. So far this game doesn't even have any dice mechanics. The first wrinkle comes in the form of dice battles. Most of the time these battles are triggered by running directly into an enemy before it gets killed by one of your attacks. You select 3 of your dicers to a roll-off with the opponent. There are a slew of special abilities and modifiers but the basic idea is that the high-roller wins and deals damage to the loser.

What you will start to notice is that each dicer has their own types of dice they roll in a fight, sometimes more than one. They also have movement values that are variable, skills that impact the next dicer's attack if it is the correct type. They have defensive skills, charge skills and these ALL can combine in being much MUCH stronger than a single dicer doing a single attack. It is this complexity that makes me happy I have certain dicers and will actively go back hoping to summon more. These types of synergies mean that there is probably no single "right" way to build a team, which is the pit many gacha games fall into. While there are only about 200 dicers in the game and a solid team is pretty easy to establish, you can keep fishing for more and more perfect versions of dicers to slowly get stronger and build towards specific goals. For example, I love dicers that have 5 move and 1 move values. Melee dicers are especially strong at 5 move and whirlwind dicers are great at 1 move. You might want more 2-4 movement options but I love having the extreme distance spreads so I can chose to either stall or race through areas. This is especially helpful in the raid mode.

Gem acquisition in games like this is sometimes dicey... but Lord of Dice is really generous with the amount of summons you will get. Within about 20 minutes of play you get enough gems to do the big premium summon pack. The first month's login reward is a 5 star summon and there are enough acheivements to unlock to get you multiple pulls on that big summon pack in your first few days. This is a game I can see investing in heavily, but the primary resource for me is going to be time, not money.

Like most gacha games, you have a main story line game mode as well as pvp, raid, guild, and resource gathering side areas that have separate rewards that mostly reset on a daily or weekly basis. I was not able to find much in the reesource gathering section that felt unique or interesting but the pvp and raid boss fights are both very cool and a lot of fun. Trying out new team strategies for both of these modes proves that the depth of combat in this game has a huge impact on how successful you can be given various combat objectives. The pvp mode usually involves a small loop of squares with buffs and items the replenish after a certain number or rounds that you chase your opponent around. The boss mode can be played either solo or cooperatively with others. Bosses have minions that attack normally as well as large, telegraphed area of effect attacks that can usually be avoided with clever use of your dicers. You don't really come across a gacha game with as much depth and varied gameplay as Lord of Dice. I guess thats why it has been so successful in other regions prior to the NA release. While the story line and artwork carry some trope-y under tones, There is still a whole lot of game to enjoy here.

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