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Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is getting an draft-based Arena mode

CD Projekt Red has announced that Gwent, the studio's Witcher-themed digital collectible card game, will be getting a new draft-based Arena mode soon.

Arena will be Gwent's second available play mode, and is designed as an alternative to the existing Casual Match games. It's themed around the infamous Gaunter O'Dimm - also known as the Man of Glass - the main antagonist in the Witcher 3's Hearts of Stone expansion. O'Dimm is known for creating pacts with people in exchange for their souls, and in Arena mode, you're nominally fighting to complete the terms of your contract and reclaim your soul.

In Arena mode, you start by building a deck drawn from Gwent's complete pool of cards - including premium card - with no restrictions on faction, card rarity, or duplicates. You'll build your deck one card at a time, picking from a selection of four randomly drawn cards of the same rarity until you're done. Once you've selected your leader at the end of the process, you can begin battling other players

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Clash of Clans developer Supercell reports a decline in profits

Finnish mobile game studio Supercell said today that it earned a profit of $810 million on revenues of $2.029 billion in 2017. ...

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Guide: Bayonetta 2 Angelic Hymns Locations - How To Find Them All And Unlock The Hidden Weapons

Guide: Guide: Bayonetta 2 Angelic Hymns Locations - How To Find Them All And Unlock The Hidden Weapons

Heaven's wrath

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Guide: Bayonetta 2 Hidden Verses - How To Find Them In Every Single Chapter

Guide: Guide: Bayonetta 2 Hidden Verses - How To Find Them In Every Single Chapter

Also known as Muspelheim

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Guide: Bayonetta 2 Journal Echo Locations – How To Find All Of Them To Fill In Plot Gaps

Guide: Guide: Bayonetta 2 Journal Echo Locations – How To Find All Of Them To Fill In Plot Gaps

Echoes of the past

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Team Fortress 2 Update Released

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Ended the Jungle Inferno Campaign
  • Added a contracts-only pass to allow players who did not participate in the Jungle Inferno Campaign to access the Jungle Inferno contracts. This pass does not grant campaign-specific perks such as enhanced rank badges, etc.

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Guide: Bayonetta 2 Broken Moon Pearl Locations - How To Find All Sixteen To Increase Your Magic Gauge

Guide: Guide: Bayonetta 2 Broken Moon Pearl Locations - How To Find All Sixteen To Increase Your Magic Gauge

It's a kind of magic

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'Death Squared (RORORORO)' Review - Are Two Heads Truly Better Than One?

Cooperative singleplayer puzzling is what Death Squared [$6.99] provides in its iOS release. It's not perfect, and has a few annoying factors and humor that doesn't really break a lot of boundaries, but it provides some fun puzzles to solve and a game design that works perfectly for either playing solo or with a friend on the same device. I've played Death Squared in some early builds in the past couple of years, so I was curious to see how it would come to iOS, since what I played was very much driven by cooperation with another player. However, the final release makes the story mode something that a single player can play by themselves. The puzzles don't require a lot of simultaneous movement, they just requre that players be able to mentally deal with two different characters.

Because the game is just controlled with two joysticks, another player can just take over on the other side of the screen and start playing. This means that some puzzles might be easier with another player to help take care of tasks that are otherwise tricky for one person to coordinate with themselves. But then the issue comes in where if one person has a plan, they have to communicate it effectively to their partner just how to do it. Remember Portal 2's multiplayer? It's kind of like that, just with fewer portals. And this time, you're the companion cube.

Death Squared's combo of solo and multiplayer is an interesting approach to releasing the game on mobile, because it effectively takes the same game and makes it into two different experiences in one title. While knowing the solutions would help, you could theoretically start from level one with a friend and get a different experience of the exact same content going forward. It is also the ultimate pick-up-and-play multiplayer: just have someone take over the other virtual stick!

The mobile version makes an odd decision to have the left joystick control the red character, and the right joystick control the blue character. This runs counter to the conventional custom of blue = left, red = right For example, the left Joy-Con on the Nintendo Switch is blue, and the right one is red. SMG Studio throws this tradition to the trash, and turns this around! It winds up making the single player just a bit more mentally confusing than it should be. This obviously is less of an issue in multiplayer, which is a same-device setup.

The game does boast a Portal influence, as the game is full of irreverent dialogue between the OmniCorp employee David and IRIS, the OmniCorp AI who is helping to evaluate the test subjects. He's a lazy office employee who would rather not be there trying to analyze two AIs trying to figure out different puzzles. IRIS is a digital AI, but at least it comes with a reassuring voice. The game is pretty amusing, though the game won't exactly shock you with a lot of unsuspecting humor.

One downside to Death Squared's whole setup is that because all the movement is analog and not locked to a grid, you can fall off due to moving not perfectly. I've gotten zapped by lasers due to my robots being just slightly close to the edge of a block that was supposed to protect them, which the game recognized as enough to get zapped by hot laser death. Especially when the puzzles require several steps and often careful movements, it can be frustrating when a slight mishap goes against the player. The puzzles where lasers track the robots' movement are some of the most frustrating, because they once again deal with tight angles, and require the player to act very carefully to make sure they don't get zapped.

Still, the challenge does mean that solving these puzzles is very releiving and satisfying. And it's fun to coordinate the robots together, making the perfect moves and figuring out just how to navigate these levels effectively enough to solve the puzzles. When it all works, it feels amazing. You get 80 levels in total in the Story Mode, plus an extra 30 or so in the Vault mode that unlocks once you beat Story Mode. Beware: the launch version of the game has a bug where it might wipe out your save progress. Play a couple levels, and then close out the app early on, rather than playing through a bunch at once and losing your progress, or hold off for a likely expedited update to the game.

The game has great character to it. The visuals are better than they need to be for a game with minimalist environments and simple cubic robots. The hats and masks go a long way toward making them feel more like characters and not boxes in a maze. One little touch I particularly enjoy is that there are pipes running along the walls and bottomless pits, and if a robot hits one of the pipes while falling, they'll bounce off of them. It shows that there's some attention to detail to making this feel like a world. Even if some of the test subject humor is to be expected given the conventions of the genre, there are still amusing lines.

Is Death Squared on mobile the first version of the game that I'd pick up? No, I'd probably go for one of the console versions first, particularly the Switch version, because Death Squared is at its best when playing with a friend. Or three, as the levels that support up to four players are not in the iOS version. But, the core concept is great, and the game has a lot of cool moments. If you're gonna play the game solo, or maybe want to share your iPhone or iPad to play together, you can do so.

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Get a job: Nexon's OC Studio is hiring a Game Director

Nexon is looking for a Game Director to be responsible for setting the product and design vision of the game and leading a team to create an enjoyable gameplay experience. ...

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Alt.Ctrl.GDC Showcase: Mark Wars

Mark Wars will have players drawing lines with markers in order to guide their ever-moving robot to a goal before their opponent can. ...

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Dota 2 Update - February 14th, 2017

- Minor updates on Windranger’s model
- Fixed Windrangers “You prefer arrows?” taunt to reliably show the hearts.

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Psyonix unveils new Rocket League Spring dev road map, Tournament Mode now due April latest

UPDATE 14/2/18: Psyonix has announced that it will begin beta testing Rocket League's highly anticipated Tournament Mode on PC next Wednesday, February 21st.

Anyone with Rocket League on Steam can get involved in the beta; simply right-click the game in your library, select 'Properties, click the 'Betas' tab, and choose 'Tournaments Beta' from the drop-down list. More detailed instructions can be found on Psyonix's website.

The beta begins at 6pm in the UK / 10am PST on February 21st and runs until 1am February 24th in the UK / 5pm PST on February 23rd. The above teaser video offer the merest whiff of things to come in Rocket League's Tournament mode, designed for organised competitions.

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Don't Miss: I'd Ship It—Ladykiller in a Bind's use of BDSM

The title of Christine Love's Ladykiller in a Bind helpfully serves as the game's comical premise, sex is front and center, particularly the much-derided but little-understood subculture of BDSM. ...

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One year in, For Honor surpasses 7.5 million players

While it is worth noting that players don't necessarily boil down to sales, Ubisoft says that the world history-inspired brawler sees at least 1 million unique players a month. ...

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Daily Deal - Cozy Couch Co-Op Advertising App, 70% Off

Today's Deal: Save 70% on Cozy Couch Co-Op Bundle!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time

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The Evil Within 2 now has an official first-person mode

Developer Tango Gameworks' open-world horror sequel The Evil Within 2 has just been updated to include an official first-person mode.

Like its predecessor, The Evil Within 2 unfolds predominantly from a third-person perspective, although several first-person sequences do feature. Following the game's launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One last year, however, fans quickly discovered that a rudimentary first-person mode could be accessed for an entire play-through by inputting a couple of console commands on the PC version.

That first-person mode has now been polished up and officially incorporated into all versions of The Evil Within 2 as an optional extra, and can be downloaded now in a free update on PC and console. Once you have the latest patch installed, simply toggle first-person mode on in the options menu. And if you're curious to see what The Evil Within 2 looks like through the eyes of its protagonist Sebastian Castellanos, check out the new trailer below.

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Ubisoft is opting for quality over quantity for its big releases

In Guillemot's words, Ubisoft's current strategy boils down to "more fun, more revenue." ...

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Road to the IGF: Fullbright's Tacoma

Tacoma immerses the player in 3D recordings of a starship's crew as they slowly face their own destruction, watching them bond and grow close together in the face of doom. ...

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Best New iPhone Games on Our Forums: 'Death Squared', 'Florence', 'Dice Brawl: Captain's League', 'Purrfect Date', and More

Hey it's International Book Giving Day, which is a great way to unload all those old books you move from apartment to apartment while looking super generous at the same time! Once you've finished doing that, you can relax and play some of the new iOS games that have hit our forums this week. The biggest two releases are probably Death Squared and Florence (which we already reviewed). These initial roundup posts are getting a little weird because of the whole preorder thing, so make sure you check out full listing later in the evening where we catch all that stuff as it hits the App Store.

Here's the latest new games that have hit our forums:

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Blog: Analyzing the AI behind Total War - Part 2

In the third part of my series on Total War, I look at the campaign AI in the 2013 release Total War: Rome II. ...

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Enjoy this Valentine's Day-themed look at a few great GDC 2018 talks!

Don't miss these great talks taking place at GDC 2018 next month which tackle the tricky topics of how to handle love, lust, and friendship in the games you make. ...

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