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The 3DS is getting a WarioWare game

Surprise! There's an all-new WarioWare game coming to 3DS later this year.

Well, I say all-new - dubbed WarioWare Gold, it looks like a generous compilation of mini-games from Nintendo's eccentric series, rolling in games from the GBA original and Touched.

It's been a while since our last WarioWare game - there was the slightly errant Game & Wario on Wii U, but the last proper instalment was DIY back in 2009. WarioWare Gold is out soon too! Expect to get stuck in on July 27th.

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How Guardian Heroes took inspiration from Capcom's Alien vs. Predator

Shmuplations publishes a translated interview with Guardian Heroes designer Tetsuhiko Kikuchi, where he discusses studio reputation and what games influenced his design during production. ...

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Watch: The European Nintendo Direct Broadcast - Live!

Watch: Watch: The European Nintendo Direct Broadcast - Live!

Mario takes the court, but who is joining him?

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Watch: The North American Nintendo Direct Broadcast - Live!

Watch: Watch: The North American Nintendo Direct Broadcast - Live!

Turn on, tune in, drop out

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Get a job: Private Division is hiring a Lead QA Tester

Las Vegas-based Private Division is looking for a Lead QA Tester to oversee product quality, manage project progress, and supervise staff as a member of its team. ...

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'Heir of Light' Review - This Looks Expensive

In my near half-decade at TouchArcade, I've had the (some would say dubious) privilege of watching the social RPG genre grow out of barely-interactive card-collecters like Rage of Bahamut into the flourishing and surprisingly-varied dominant force that it is in today's mobile market. A lot has changed in that time. What was once the realm of only a few upstart publishers is now host to companies like Square Enix, Nintendo, and many more. The increased competition has had two big effects for players. First, any company that wants to launch a new social RPG needs to commit to going big or going home. Second, with so many choices out there, social RPGs have had to become more player-friendly. Today's social RPGs are better than they've ever been as a result.

Unfortunately, the other effect of that heavy competition is that it has become extremely hard for a new game to succeed, especially if it can't lean on an established brand. And it's in that zone where Gamevil has been living for the last little while, launching several social RPGs that have obviously had a lot of resources poured into them to somewhat limited success worldwide. Heir of Light [Free] is the latest, and it's one of the publisher's most extravagant releases yet. This game looks absolutely gorgeous, is packed full of content that is accessible even to free players, and has a rather substantial story. It's not exactly brimming with new ideas, but it's well-made enough.

And yet, I can't help but feel a strong sense of ennui as I play it. Apart from the razzle-dazzle of its visuals, Heir of Light doesn't have much to offer anyone who has grown weary of this particular brand of hamster wheel. The story is original enough, but it's wordy and overly-complicated in that way that makes your eyes glaze over and your finger start compulsively tapping to skip the text. There are a lot of systems in place for building up your team, but as is often the case with recent social RPGs, it's almost too much. Summon characters from a gacha-style random draw, level them up by fighting, sink points into a bunch of stats, collect runes, equip the runes, gather materials, evolve the characters, and don't ignore too much of this or you'll hit a wall hard.

The stuffing in between the collecting, evolving, and upgrading in this game takes the form of some nice-looking real-time 3D battles. You can take manual control in these battles, tapping your skill of choice when it's ready to go, setting up team attacks, using buffs at appropriate times, and so on. Most of the time you can just turn on the auto-battle and let your team do their thing, however. They'll usually do just as well as you would, though you'll want to get your hands on the wheel in some of the tougher fights. Your team consists of up to four characters. Using their skills involves waiting for a sort of party-wide cooldown, making sure the skill you want to use is ready and not suffering from its individual cooldown, then tapping the appropriate icon. You can queue up multiple skills, so you don't have to worry too much about the state of your reflexes.

As you play through the single-player campaign and level up, you'll unlock the usual extra modes you see in games like these, including player-versus-player battles. There is plenty to do in Heir of Light even at launch, and it's likely that Gamevil will only add to it as time goes on. Of course, all the usual rules apply here. You need to be online for the game to perform regular check-ins. You can summon lower-quality characters without spending any real money, but the best ones can only be found in a draw that requires using premium currency. That currency is handed out now and then for free, but if you're hunting a particular character you'll probably need to open your wallet. Stamina meter? Yes, naturally. Not too bad in the beginning, gets to be a bit of a hassle in the long run. You know how this song goes.

In a vacuum, you could probably really get into all of this. Sure, you're never going to hit any actual final ending, which means any work the story puts in is never going to pay off in any way. And like most social RPGs there are some things that will be extremely difficult to pull off if you're not a paying customer. None of that is odd, however, and Heir of Light is in most respects a fine example of the genre. But given the required time, money, and energy investment from the player that a social RPG demands, I'm not sure that just being a fine example is good enough. I've been on this treadmill before, and if I'm to keep running on one, I'm not sure that Heir of Light would be my top choice. It's the definition of solid but not spectacular.

Except the graphics, anyway. Goodness gracious, what a pretty game this is. The art design is good, and both the 3D models and the effects applied to them are quite impressive. One of those games where you plug into the wall while you play and your battery meter slinks downward anyway. A veritable hand-warmer for cold nights. Social RPGs are quickly becoming the genre that pushes mobile hardware more than any other, and Heir of Light comfortably sits at the cutting edge of that category. It starts recycling a lot of its visual content after a while, but I can hardly blame the publisher for wanting to get some extra bang for their buck. Is it worth checking the game out just to feast on some eye candy? Well, it is free to try, after all.

The tricky bit is whether or not you'll want to stick around after that initial romp. I mean, you probably could. It's an agreeable enough game and there's a good chunk of content to burn through if you're that-way inclined. But if you've burnt out on or bounced off of a social RPG in the past, you're likely going to look at Heir of Light the way you'd look at your seventh straight plate of spaghetti and meatballs. It's not bad spaghetti, but it's still just spaghetti. Yes, even with that bit of parsley decoratively garnishing the plate. If you've still got room in your stomach for more spaghetti, though, this won't make you sick.

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Fresh out of Early Access, H1Z1 goes free-to-play

Fresh out a three year long Early Access period, Daybreak's battle royale title H1Z1 is going free-to-play, just ahead of the game's inaugural H1Z1 Pro League Esports event. ...

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Gameloft's 'Dungeon Hunter Champions' Extends Soft Launch and Opens Up Pre-Registration

Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter series has an interesting history. Back in the days when Gameloft's business model was "copy popular games from console/PC and put them on mobile" the first few entries in the Dungeon Hunter series were as close as we could get to having a loot-tastic dungeon crawler like Diablo on our mobile devices. As trends began to change so did the newer entries in the series, gaining more of the free to play and social elements that inhabited the most successful games on mobile. Now Gameloft is jumping in on the MOBA craze with their latest entry Dungeon Hunter Champions. Built around the familiar hack 'n slash gameplay and loot collection, Dungeon Hunter Champions also includes a whopping 250 different champions to collect as well as 5v5 online multiplayer in addition to a solo campaign.

Strangely, Dungeon Hunter Champions was soft-launched in the Philippines way back in August of last year, when a thread was started in our forums. It didn't illicit much of a response from our community, who all seemed to have a bit of Dungeon Hunter fatigue after the previous two outings. However, as of this week Gameloft is now "officially" announcing the game and extending the soft-launch into the Canadian and Vietnamese App Stores. Unlike some of Gameloft's other soft launches, Dungeon Hunter Champions does not appear to be region locked (anymore), so if you want to jump in and play it early then load up one of your iTunes accounts in any of the soft launch regions. Otherwise head over to the official website to pre-register and earn some rewards for when the game launches globally, which as of right now there is no date set just yet.

iTunes App Store Soft Launch Link: Dungeon Hunter Champions, Free (by Gameloft)

Google Play Store Soft Launch Link: Dungeon Hunter Champions, Free (by Gameloft)

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PlayStation Blogcast 284: Wayfaring Stranger

Welcome back! On today’s show we speak to Far Cry 5 Associate Executive Producer Darryl Long on his favorite new additions to the long-running open world. Make sure to stay to the end of the program for a special musical performance by Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, recorded at PlayStation Experience last year! Enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Far Cry 5
  • God of War PS4 Bundle
  • Nier: Automata
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • How amazing Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker are

Recent Episodes

  • 283: Fast-Forward
  • 282: Blogcast and Quill
  • 281: To Bee, or Not to Bee

The Cast

Official PlayStation Blogcast: Sid ShumanOfficial PlayStation Blogcast: Ryan Clements

Sid Shuman – Director of Social Media, SIEA
Ryan Clements – Sr. Social Media Specialist, SIEA

Thanks to Cory Schmitz for our beautiful logo and Dormilón for our rad theme song and show music.

[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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Two new maps headline PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' massive dev roadmap for 2018

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds creator Bluehole has finally unveiled its long-awaited development roadmap for 2018. It's a big 'un too, promising everything from visual improvements to gameplay additions, including a new map, emotes, and more.

Undoubtedly top of the list in terms of new stuff is a 4x4km tropical-island-style map, which could make its way to test servers as soon as next month. Its reduced size, says Bluehole, is specifically designed to offer an "intense and faster paced Battle Royale experience".

Bluehole also notes that a second, 8x8km, map is in the works. There's no more information on that yet, but it wants "to get this into your hands early in its development".

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Road to the IGF: Guardian of the Gears

Guardian of the Gears is a puzzle platformer of giant mechanisms, letting players loose in a world of interconnected machines to tinker with. ...

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Don't Miss: How Nintendo designed the inviting mini-world of Animal Crossing

In this classic 2013 interview, Gamasutra sits down with Nintendo producer Katsuya Eguchi -- also the producer of the Wii Sports series -- to ask him some questions about the design of Animal Crossing. ...

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Oculus has a fix for the mass Oculus Rift outage

Oculus has released a patch to fix the error Oculus Rift owners encountered yesterday, but users will need to do a bit of legwork to get their headsets back online. ...

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SwitchArcade Roundup: 'Steredenn: Binary Stars', 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Not on Switch, 'Death Squared' Sale, and More

Welcome to the March 8th SwitchArcade Roundup, covering the latest Nintendo Switch news, releases, and sales! There's a whole lot going on in and around the Switch world today, before Nintendo drops their Direct, which is happening at 5:00 PM EST/4:00 PM CST/2:00 PM PST. You can watch via the embedded player below. We've got 10 new games to check out today, a few intriguing news items, and a sale on SMG's fun Death Squared to check out. Let's quit wasting time and get into the good stuff.


Activision reveals Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, but not for Switch?

After being teased on James Harden's hat, Black Ops 4 (stylized with Roman numerals as IIII, and not IV, though that shield logo actually looks kinda neat) was confirmed by Activision. While the teaser has some noteworthy details, such as zombies being back, as is the awesome remote control drone, there's not a whole lot to glean from this trailer other than it's a new Call of Duty game. The reveal happens on May 17th, and the game releases on October 12th, much earlier than the standard November release window for Call of Duty games. The announcement doesn't mention the Switch yet, but there's no reason why today's Nintendo Direct might not mention it, or it gets confirmed at a later date. Or maybe some kind of Call of Duty will hit the system soon.

I'm curious to see what the reaction to this one is. Call of Duty: WW2 kinda saved the franchise by going back to boots on the ground, but the competitive CoD crew has started to shift over to Fortnite. Will CoD add a battle royale mode to compensate? I'm down for it. I will appreciate the irony if I get laid off from a company that went big into competitive Call of Duty, back to writing for TouchArcade...and then Call of Duty comes to the Switch. So far, it isn't, but I hope it does!

Holy Potatoes! trilogy coming to Switch

Daylight Studios' eccentric Holy Potatoes games are getting Switch ports courtesy of Rising Star Games. Shop management game Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! hits this spring, with the space-based Holy Potatoes! We're in Space?! hitting in the summer, with Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?!, the game where you torture the potato-y damned by cooking them into recipes, hits this autumn. Yeah, that last game is real. While the games have historically worked best with mouse or touch controls, controller support is coming to the Switch ports so you can play on the TV. Preferably while eating some potato products.

Swim Out hits the Switch on March 20th

Lozenge Lab's turn-based puzzle game where you help a swimmer cross a pool without hitting any other swimmers will dive on the eShop on March 20th. We enjoyed this one on mobile, so if you want this one on Switch, you only have a couple of weeks to wait. It'll run you $5.99 on the eShop.

Death Squared on sale

This multiplayer puzzle game hit mobile not too long ago, but if you want to play with friends using a joy-con each, or to play in the game's four player levels, you can do so at a 20% discount, as the game's on sale for $11.99 until March 13th. Don't let that death counter scare you, y'all have this! Unless your friends are idiots that can't listen to your instructions, I suppose.

New Releases

Steredenn Binary Stars

The awesome roguelike shoot 'em up is out now on the Switch, and if you loved the game on other platforms, you should consider picking this one up on Switch. Ships now have a special ability (the default ship has a sword), there are new weapons, and the all-important co-op mode! The game is still really tough, and it seems a bit faster than the mobile version I'm accustomed to, but playing with physical controls all the time is a big help. Also, you can play a particular seed with the ship of your choice from the beginning, though some of the modes only unlock after you play so many times.

I love everything about the game: the challenge, the replayability, the fun and unorthodox weapons, and of course, the metal soundtrack. But if you want to listen to something else while you play, may I recommend some appropriate space metal: Vektor's Terminal Redux? Much of what I wrote in my mobile version applies to this version, and I definitely recommend playing Steredenn on Switch either again or for the first time. Getting back into this myself has been a ton of fun.

World Conqueror X

You thought the iPhone jumping from 8 to 10 was bad? How about World Conqueror jumping from 4 to 10? It might actually just be the letter X this time, but don't get in the way of my jokes. This is a World War II turn-based strategy game where you can undergo missions from the Axis and Allied forces, or build up your own empire from one of 20 countries in the Conquest mode. You can use touch controls or the controller, depending on how you prefer to play. Slitherine's not on the Switch yet, so EasyTech's World Conqueror X is gonna be the way to go if you want some turn-based strategic warfare on your Switch.

Bleed 2

Need more fast-paced, high-ranking chasing action on your Switch? After publishing Bleed not too long ago, Digerati now has Bleed 2, just a month after the game's console release (and a year after the Steam release). You use a sword and a ton of ammo to shoot a ton of enemies, and fight a ton of boss fights. And then you get ranked for how fast, how much damage, and how much style you had in killing everything. Get that S rank, folks. I dug the original Bleed, this might be worth checking out!


It's really weird to think that the late 1990s are so far in the past that now game developers are making unabashed tributes to games from that time. While the game saw release in 2017 with the Festival of Magic subtitle, this release is what they're calling the "Shouldhavebeen Edition" with a massively overhauled story, side quests, and improved visuals. The other versions get all this new content the same time as the Switch release, so unfortunately, older reviews for other platforms might not represent what the current experience is like. Hopefully it's a much better game!

Bit Dungeon Plus

Dolores Entertainment publishes this popular mobile roguelike action game onto the Switch. The big addition here from the mobile version is couch co-op for up to four players! That sounds like a good reason to check this one out again if you've already played one of the mobile versions.

I, Zombie

Awesome Games Studio brings their game where you control a massive zombie horde to the Switch. Ever wonder where the endless amounts of zombies from other games came from? Apparently, they came from I, Zombie (not to be confused with the TV show iZombie), as you have to turn humans and command them to build giant hordes. There's a level editor in the game if you desire more content or want to start creating things for yourself. I mean, there's no Super Mario Maker on the Switch yet...

The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya

D3 Publisher brings this visual novel to Switch, and it might just be the sexiest game available on the Switch, by far. As the description states, "Once at the banquet, you find yourself presented with men so beautiful you can scarcely believe they're of this world. They beguile you with tempting eyes and practiced movements." One of the men has an eyepatch. This game is possibly TOO SEXY. Unrelated question: can you play this one with a single Joy-Con?

Real Bout Fatal Fury

Only one game this week, HAMSTER? I'm disappointed. Here's the 1995 entry into the Fatal Fury series, which makes the controls only have three attack buttons, while adding in the front, middle, and back lanes from Fatal Fury 3, so you can dodge attacks just by changing lanes. Sounds interesting! It's hard to go wrong with an SNK fighter, if you're into the genre and can pull off some of the ridiculous joystick motions required to do super moves in SNK's titles.

Midnight Deluxe

Ratalaika Games drops a golf-inspired game onto the Switch. You launch the eponymous fairy, Midnight, around different levels, trying to avoid hazards like spikes and saws. Those are things that professional golfers rarely have to deal with, but you're gonna have to deal with 'em. You'll try to get three stars on the game's 70 levels, using either touch controls or the joystick to aim and launch yourself.

The Trail: Frontier Challenge

After the recent EU release, now the US gets this version of Peter Molyneux's game where you explore a trail, and steadily discover the world and build up a community in Eden Falls, while interacting with other players exploring the trail. You can also get a pet dog, which is the key here. It is funny seeing what are essentially mobile ports like these getting regular-priced Switch releases. Hmm!

Keep an eye out every weekday for more SwitchArcade Roundups! We want to hear your feedback on Nintendo Switch coverage on TouchArcade. Comment below or tweet us with your thoughts!

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Now Free on Steam for a Limited Time - Amnesia Collection

Add Amnesia Collection to your account permanently and play for FREE starting now for a limited time! The Amnesia Collection includes both Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Once you click "Install Game" both games will remain in your account after the free period, so don't miss out on this opportunity to play these two dark survival horror games.

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Review: The Trail: Frontier Challenge (Switch eShop)

Review: Review: The Trail: Frontier Challenge (Switch eShop)

Escape to the country

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Weekend Deal - Project CARS 2, 50% Off

Save 50% on Project CARS 2 as part of this week's Weekend Deal*!

The ultimate driver journey! Project CARS 2 delivers the soul of motor racing in the world’s most beautiful, authentic, and technically-advanced racing game.

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time

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Op-Ed: Australia's gambling crackdown signals choppy waters ahead for loot boxes

"The outrage swelling up in Australia about slot machines is...a flashing warning sign for anyone who wants to promote anything that even smacks of gambling," writes contributor Katherine Cross. ...

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Come out to GDC 2018 and learn to better tell stories in VR!

At GDC 2018 Baobab Studios cofounder Eric Darnell will break down the challenges of telling a narrative VR story where the user has control, as well as techniques Baobab has developed to tackle them. ...

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